In order to maintain an orderly, respectful and secure educational environment for the students and staff, it is essential that all parents and visitors to our buildings be aware of their responsibilities and adhere to the expected code of conduct.

Parents are expected to:

  1. Recognize that the education of children is a joint responsibility of the parents and the school community.
  2. Adhere to rules with respect to visit timings/security.
  3. Not to walk into the class or corridor during school hours. Those who wish to find out the progress of the child will kindly meet the teachers concerned with a prior appointment.
  4. Help their children understand that in a democratic society appropriate rules are required to maintain a safe, orderly environment.
  5. Ensure that children bring only items appropriate and related to the instructional program at school.
  6. Know school and classroom rules and help their children understand them.
  7. Convey to their children a supportive attitude toward education and discipline.
  8. Build good relationships with teachers, other parents and their children’s friends.
  9. Ensure dignity is maintained in the manner of dress when visiting the school.
  10. Help their children deal effectively with peer pressure.
  11. Inform school officials of changes in the home situation that may affect student conduct or performance.
  12. Insist their children be dressed and groomed in a manner consistent with the dress code and school uniform.
  13. Provide a place for study, and ensure homework assignments are completed.
  14. Check the diary daily and note the teacher’s remarks etc. monthly reports and terminal examination results should be scrutinized and signed by the parents. Remedial measures should promptly be taken.
  15. Ensure your ward does not carry any electronic gadget or objectionable literature to the school at any point of time. Once confiscated, these items will not be returned.
  16. Be courteous to the school staff and polite with your interaction with anyone in the school premises.
  17. Not criticize teachers in front of their wards.
  18. Recognise that the school does not guarantee the success of a pupil’s studies unless the parents or guardians co-operate with the school authorities and do their part by enforcing regularity and discipline.
  19. Ensure that their ward is punctual and regular in attending classes.