Lush green play fields.
Mathematics Lab
Activity Room
Yoga Room
Audio Visual Room
Well decorated Prep class rooms
Well furnished Library
Computer Labs
Music Room
English language lab
Science Labs    

In our School we take pride in the following traditions:

  • Always to be friendly with one another in and out of the school
  • To avoid vulgarity in our talk, abusive behaviour and physically hurting each other.
  • To accept whatever work is assigned to us as our duty.
  • To offer help to any unattended visitor we happen to meet in the school premises.
  • To be courteous to and sportsman-like with opposing teams and officials.
  • To obey the library rules and rights of other boys/girls using it.
  • To respect the beauty of the school premises and report any damage which we may notice.
  • To keep the school premises clean.
  • To learn and observe good manners especially by greeting the staff and elders.